1. Please summarize briefly the event that the author recounted. What, if anything, could be
done to improve the narration of this event? Did the author present this event as a story
with a clear beginning, middle and end?
2. What, in your mind, was the significance of the event for the author? How could you tell?
What, if anything, might the author do to make the significance of the event clearer? Was
the significance perhaps too clear? Did anything feel too obvious? (i.e. a “Full House”
Please indicate a place in the text where the author did a good job conveying the significance.
Why was this a good technique?
3. Comment on the author’s use of such elements as descriptive detail and dialogue. Could
the paper be improved by adding more details or conversations? Are the details and
conversations included relevant to the story and the meaning that the author is trying to
4. What would you say are the paper’s three main strengths?
5. What are some things, in your opinion, the author should try to work on? (You may want
to address grammar and format here, but try to think of other issues as well.)

Peer review prompt for remembered event essay