Just the supplies needed and prices for monthly clinic visit. You can use this part to discuss the financial impact. Unfortunately, there are more needed like Peritoneal Dialysis Fluids that cost about 15 bucks per 2 bags of 6000ml fluid. Typically patients will only get PD fluids from the clinic when they run out. You can also in this part of the paper, the wasted time for an RN trying to order supplies without any “checklist” I spend about typically 12-15 hours a month (4 hours a week, accumulated) trying to figure out supply management, inventory, and ordering. With a checklist that would tremendously help the nurse to be much more organize and spend less time trying to do inventory and buying stuff and give more focus and time on helping the 25 patients I have. You can probably discuss my hourly wage wasted, which is 44 dollars an hour.

Organizational Change Management Analysis