Imagine you have been tasked with creating a leadership development program to improve cross-cultural understanding for an organization (institution, agency, or school). You must examine the culture of the organization through observation, evaluation, and interviews with the employees. You will analyze the problems you find and then research ways to develop strategic thinking for educators through a multicultural framework. You will create a program based on a solution to one of the problems found. Parts of your implementation plan will be due in various weeks of the course.
Select and research an organization for this project. This can be the organization in which you currently work or one you would like to learn more about.

Write a 500-word summary of your selected organization. Your paper must describe the background of the organization by considering the following questions:
• What do they do? Who are the different constituent groups?
• What is their mission? What is their vision? What are their goals?
• What is the organization’s framework for leadership?
• How does the organization communicate internally? How does it communicate externally?

Organization Selection and Organizational Culture Evaluation