Take a minute before you launch into the Organizational Culture Assessment Instrument(OCAI) to think about how you see your organization: its values, mission, and vision; your assumptions and perception of how the organization gets work done. Decide what level or part of the organization that you will focus on your assessment.
Now take the OCAI in Camron and Quinn (p. 20-27) or online. Note: if you take it online, be sure to use screen capture (Windows) or Command+ shift+3 (mac) to capture an image of your raw data.
Submit your score sheets (raw data in this assignment) The averages are NOT the raw scores.
Note: This round of the OCAI is for you to simply complete the assessment based on your personal perceptions of the organization in which you work.
Text: Diagnosing and Changing Organizational Culture-Based on the Competing Values Framework(2011). By Kim S. Cameron & Robert E. Quinn (third edition)