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I’d like to get all the remaining courses that are active, and not expired done for electives, while I focus on my core classes. These courses only focus on pass and fail, no grade or percentage focus, and the practice test are needs to be passed to unlock the exams…

The professional can easily breeze through these courses if they already know the subject, everything is there. But I’m looking to get all Ace courses completd and used as electives, once the other twelve are renewed, right now, I think there’s seventeen that can be complete


I’d like to get assistance for completing 29 elective and certificate classes over the next 9-11 months, with the right knowledgeable person, credit transferable classes can get completed within a few days, a week, or same day.

Due to being able to just take the practice test (which has to be passed before moving on), then, the final credit exam. The credit exam can be done with multiple attempts with a week grace period between each try.

Each course is self paced, there’s 29 total classes, but twelve are in renewable process, and the other seventeen can be taken ASAP. These are all electives and only need a passing grade of C+ an, as the grades for ACE transfer courses doesn’t have letter grades or percentages shown.

17 currently recommended courses that can be taken for now

12 waiting to be renewed, so these can be taken at a later time…

Multiple Coursework