While there is a lot of preparation that goes in before such multiparty negotiation or discussion is attended by negotiators, however it becomes a little tricky and at the same time a must do activity to manage the environment after the decision is taken especially in an situation as stated above where all the three negotiators would continue to work together as staff members. Managing conflict during the negotiation is guided by the discussion and point one is making. However, after the discussion and decision, the only thing the negotiator remembers is the outcome of the discussion or negotiation (Routier, J. (2016)).

In the scenario above, since of the three committee members, two agreed, the decision was to incorporate the policy. To manage the relationship and maintain a healthy work environment with the third committee member who disagreed to the policy, I would suggest to meet up with the third member in an informal meeting and understand his / her point of view on why he/she strongly feels there should not be a dress code policy. Since it is an informal meet, the probability of the third member to open up and place his / her views openly without any inhibitions would be high. Now, I would help him / her understand my point of view on how dress code creates a formal and professional environment. Since it’s a University environment, it would not only create a demarcation between students and staff / faculty members but also help the students understand the importance of dress code in professional environment (Boss, D. S. (2020)). It would help them prepare themselves too for their work environment. The idea of dress code is also for the staff / faculty members to take time to groom themselves and come prepared to work rather than a casual approach to work day. Just like the saying goes, “a picture speaks more than a thousand words”, similarly a well groomed professional looking staff member / faculty member creates an impression amongst students and other visitors. It creates a standard demeanor for the University as a whole.

Multiparty Negotiation Discussion