CASE STUDY: A couple in conflict seek help over money issues.

  • For this assignment, you will employ what we have covered in the first 2 lectures to analyze a family case study in order to better understand its applicability in family therapy.
  • Read case study on p. 17 – 18 in your Textbook and answer the
  • below questions thoughtfully.
  • Please explain you answers using examples from the case study and /or.
  • 4 sentences for each question is reasonable.
  • (see below for image of case study)


  1. What interactive patterns are observed by the therapist?
  2. What is the content of Tess and Bob’s session (give examples)?
  3. Considering the idea of Postmodern Outlook of “reality” what conflicts emerge as a result of Tess and Bob growing up in families with different values about money?
  4. What was the major change to the family system that resulted in loss of balance?
  5. Is this family an enabled or disabled system and why, explain you answer?
  6. Where in the case study does the therapist use “positive psychology”?
  7. Do gender roles play a part in the family conflict? How so?
Money Issues