For our first family, we are born into it – we had no choice in that. However, when we are grown we get to select our mate and decide what type of a family we will create.

The Assignment
Taking into account all that all you have learned in this course, how broadly can family be defined and how does that differ from you own understanding of family? How does the diversity of family forms, goals, cultures and types, as discussed in this course, relate to your concept of family?

To answer this, you should consider how different cultures and communities in this country, and across the world define family, and the roles and expectations of family members.

How are these diverse definitions, roles and expectations different and/or similar across the world and in different cultures and communities?

Finally, say how you would interact with people who are in a family structure that challenges your own understanding of family, roles with in the family, and expectations.

Grading Criteria

For all responses now, you are required to turn in a paper in APA format with examples to support your points. This paper should include a reference page with a minimum of 2 academic sources. These sources should also be used in your response as in-text citations as further support for the points you are making. You need to save the paper as a document in .rtf .pdf .doc or .docx format and attach it. Check for spelling and grammar before submitting. Consult the following links for the basics on the reference page and in-text citations.

There is a grading rubric. You can view it before you submit your paper to make sure you are covering all the bases.

Please see the resources listed in additional materials and use any two you would like. I also have screenshots of videos you can youtube to use as resources.

To Submit
Save your response as a .doc or .docx or .txt or .rtf or.pdf. Then upload it by clicking on the link below. Do NOT write the submission in the box. IT MUST be submitted as a file.

Module 8 Paper