Romantic relationships play a very important role in our life. Some researchers indicate that is a chemical reaction while others say it is emotional. Whatever it is that triggers what we call love, makes it a powerful driving force in our life. There were many readings and videos to take in because this is a complex subject.

The Assignment
After reading the material and viewing the videos on romantic relationships, taking notes and also taking the 5 love languages test, consider the following questions. Then write your response.

Do you think that your identity scripts and attachment style affect your understanding of romantic relationships? In what way?
What, if anything you can do to increase the likelihood of having a successful long-lasting romantic relationship?
Identify the type/types of relationship you currently have or would like to have. Please do research and include in-text citations to support your points.
Grading Criteria

For all responses now, you are required to turn in a paper in APA format with examples to support your points. This paper should include a reference page with a minimum of 2 academic sources. These sources should also be used in your response as in-text citations as further support for the points you are making. You need to save the paper as a document in .rtf .pdf .doc or .docx format and attach it. Check for spelling and grammar before submitting. Consult the following links for the basics on the reference page and in-text citations.

There is a grading rubric. You can view it before you submit your paper to make sure you are covering all the bases.

Please see the resources listed in additional materials and use any two you like. I also have screenshots of videos that can be youtubed for resources.

To Submit
Save your response as a .doc or .docx or .txt or .rtf or.pdf. Then upload it by clicking on the link below. Do NOT write the submission in the box. IT MUST be submitted as a file.

Module 7 Paper