The first 3 minutes of every conflict are very important (Wood, 2020). Unfortunately, conflicts are a way of life for a lot of people and they welcome it, and then there are the others for whom conflict is to be feared and avoided at all cost.

The Assignment
After reading the material and viewing the videos on Communication climate and Conflict, then taking notes, consider the following questions. Then write your response.

Since the first 3 minutes of a conflict are very important (Wood, 2020) is setting the proper climate important and in fact can you really prepare for a conflict? How, why and why not?
Once a conflict arises, are there are steps you can take to ensure a communication climate that is conducive to a satisfying outcome for all parties involved? If so, is that really possible and how would you do that.Use clear examples.
Outline the steps you would take to ensure a mutually satisfying outcome in a conflict in
(a) a personal relationship situation and

(b) in a professional relationship situation

Module 5 Paper