For your final paper submissions, think about the journal articles you will have read throughout the semester, and what role they may play in influencing your final written papers that advocate a certain policy position on the issue you have chosen to research this semester. Significantly, if this is a state or federal policy solution you will be supporting, write your papers in a persuasive manner to the appropriate legislator that has the ability to introduce your policy solution as a piece of legislation (either reform or otherwise). The format you will be using is outlined on pp.4-5 on the attached JUR subject guide. At the bottom of p.4, starting with Your Title (which should include your policy solution) and Your Names (s) (you don’t have to list me as your faculty sponsor or mentor) follow the format provided for your final papers.

Your Introductions should include your literature review covering both sides of the policy issue, and why you chose to utilize the studies you did as evidence to support your policy position. You did not collect your own data, so the Methods section should cover the methods used by the scholars in the journals you cited and their Results should be discussed in that section. Wrap up with your Discussions (And/Or Conclusions) with why your policy solution is the best way to address your issues problems. You may want to express any Limitationsthat may arise in implementing your policy solution. Acknowledgements & Appendix are not necessary, but your References/Literature Cited section are required!

Minimizing Racism in the Workplace