In a Word document, create a research report using double spacing, Times New Roman 12 point font. Your report needs to include:

a. A cover page with assignment title, your full name, date, and our course name (CRE101).

b. Your report, divided into three sections:

Section 1:
This section should be at least three paragraphs long. First, describe what the issue is. Why is there a pressing need to solve this medical or health problem in the US? Then describe each of the two suggested interventions that you learned about (which were researched professionally by medical researchers through a systematic review of the evidence). Write one descriptive paragraph for each intervention. (Remember to paraphrase—avoid plagiarism! Do not copy more than four consecutive words from the original text.)

Section 2:
In your opinion, which of the two interventions do you consider the most promising for addressing the health issue at this time? Why? Apply critical reasoning to determine the most valuable intervention of the two.

Section 3:
Insert one (1) of the charts from the National Snapshots tab. In your own words, describe the chart. Analyze the chart, making inductive generalizations and/or drawing conclusions based on inductive or abductive reasoning. IF you can’t copy/paste it you can “snip it” or provide the link.

c. A References page in APA format, listing the two systematic reviews. Include a full APA reference for both systematic reviews. Refer to the BIG 3 Guide (in the Canvas assignment) for examples of APA citations for each of the BIG 3. Additional information on APA is at

Mental health and mental disorders