1. Identify an issue in patient or organizational that needs to be Be sure to include all aspects of the SMART goals. Work on asking a question in PICO format.
  2. Develop a plan using the LEAN model to address the issue.
  3. Incorporate global and multidisciplinary perspectives of the issue.
  • Include tool (surveys, evaluations, teaching tools, etc.) in the appendix. If you use an existing tool, be sure to credit the source.
  • Choose something that you are passionate about and that is reasonably achievable in the 4-5 weeks. Keep it manageable.
  • Use a minimum of 5 sources
  • Incorporation of the LEAN modle
  • be sure to address how you will ensure your project protects the ethical principles you have identified. How do you avoid violating those principles? If beneficence means ‘to benefit’ then how does your intervention benefit the patient? Is it a financial benefit? Is it a health benefit? Is there an emotional benefit?
  • You also need to identify the specific responsibilities of each discipline in your plan. If you have identified physicians in the plan, what is their role related to your smart goals?
  • Be sure to check for spelling, grammar, punctuation, and APA format (6thedition) errors.
  • When creating your final paper, the interview should be placed as an appendix and INCORPORATED into the narrative of the paper.
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