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In this assignment you are going to research and write about the traits of one mass shooter (five or more people shot in one incident from 2015-present). Do not report on school shooters. Use credible news sources to research the traits of mass shootings (do not use non-credible sources). You must write this paper in APA format (see APA resources made available to you) using the attached template. Do not change the heading levels of the template. You have to reference both your outside sources and you must also reference the textbook in each topic area with the exception of “Details of the Events” and “Pre-incident Behavior”. You should reference the textbook for any of your analysis that needs support. Use only direct reference from the textbook. Do not use sources such as Murderpedia etc.

One of the problems that some students have with this assignment is that they don’t do a good job of research. Dig deeper and use more than one source. Look for possible mental health factors from numerous sources. Do a thorough investigation of the subject you choose.

The paper needs to be at least 800 words. I will not grade papers with less than 800 words. The following topics need to be addressed.

Details of the events
Shooter Demographics
Mental Health Factors
Pre-incident Behavior
Textbook Comparison
Shooting Control (what could have been done to stop this)
See the template for more details on the paper.

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