For this report, you are required to research an innovative organisation and write a report on how the organisation manages their innovation and supports creativity.


You will be allocated one organisation to research, which will be assigned to you on GCU Learn, please do not ask to change your company. The organisations are listed below;

Sports Direct Primark
Marvel Studios BrewDog
Oatly Singapore Airlines
Unilever Gucci
Uber Greggs
Superdry Tesla
Glaxosmithkline (GSK) Arcyterx
Starbucks Harris Distillers
Social Bite Space X


This report is an individual piece of work requiring you to demonstrate what you have learned from the module in relation to the theory and application of innovation management and how to support creativity in an innovative organisation.  The report is worth 60% of the overall module mark and should be approximately 2,500 words in length +/- 10%. [Remember to include your word count on your report front cover – Assignments over the word limit will also incur a 10% deduction in marks.]

NOTE: There is no requirement to submit a paper copy as this report will be marked electronically.   However, you are required to maintain a back-up file in case of any technical problems.  Penalties will be given for late submission if an extension has not been agreed by the module leader (10% deducted one day late, 20% deducted two days late, three days later or more will be awarded a zero grade).

  • You MUST use the following statement on your submission front cover.

“This piece of coursework is my own original work and has not been submitted elsewhere in fulfilment of the requirement of this or any other award.”

  • Please save your report with the company name that you have been allocated. This will help with assigning reports for marking purposes. Thank you.
Management of Innovation & Creativity