You will be doing a research/informational paper on Lupus. However, this will be more than just a simple report describing the disease. You must also find and discuss scientific studies, use the evidence presented in the studies, describe the data, and educate your audience fully. To come up with a research question, examine the themes below. Your question will be what you try to support through all your research/information gathering. A question could be: is there a genetic component to Lupus? Or, does nutrition impact Lupus and how? Your paper must contain the following sections:

• Introduce Lupus and your research question (choose from the themes below). What is Lupus? Define terms. Give some background history on the disease (who discovered it?)
• Current geographical data and statistics on the Lupus in populations
• Biology of Lupus (what causes it, are there different types and how does it work?)
• Pathology of Lupus (what are the major symptoms, what body systems does it impact and how?)
• Treatments (what current treatment options are there?)
• Current research (depending on your theme, discuss the current research studies that you read)