You will create an outline of the local policy approval process from start to finish. Visit your state legislative process websites and research the bill/policy
submission process. Some states have slight differences in the process, so you will need to visit your home state’s websites. You will find instructions such as the
following: Once a policy is written, it needs to be publicized (usually in the paper and on the internet) for at least 30 days to obtain feedback from the public.
Make sure you include the departments or divisions with the state’s Department of Health and Human Services that must approve it. For example, here is the
Clinical Services Policy on the NC Department of Health and Human Services website that shows what the legislative and policy process might look like.
Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed:
• Why is advocacy important at the state or community levels, in relation to human or social services legislation? How can the public be made aware of
proposed legislation that may affect services available to them? Document the specific tasks needed to fulfill the public awareness requirements in the
• Where does social change advocacy begin and where does it end, related to legislative policy? Be sure that this process is included in the outline.
• Does the policy use both public and private funding streams? If so, are there differences between public and private sector coalition-building
legislative processes? Ensure this is indicated in the outline.
• What other aspects of building support in local communities are related to advocating for social change? Include these as part of the process in the

Local Policy Approval Process (Connecticut)