Read Kilcullen chapter 2.  Mumbai, Mogadishu, Kingston.

In a breath of fresh air, read about food.  No terrorists, I promise.  Page through pages 40-61 of the food article.  Read the whole thing if you like, or just skim the topics.  Pick a sub-section you like.  A chart, a box, and page or two on one topic.  Focus on it.

Write two separate mini-essays for HW, though they can be on one word doc if you like.

6-10 paras, cited.


  • What are your big take-aways from chapter 2?  Which of the three cities best forecasts the future of our littoral cities?  Why?  Did I make claims in my little lecture that complement, contrast with, or expand upon Kilcullen?  What about my ideas about the poor retaining agency?


  • Which section of the food chapter did you pick?  Why is it important?  How does it relate to my and Kilcullen’s claims?  What does it tell us about the bottom billion?  Agency?