• In preparing for the Personal Leadership Strategic Plan Assignment, develop a Literature Review Matrix.
• Include in the Review Matrix research to support your Personal Leadership Strategic Plan after considering the following:
o Refer back to assessments, SWOT analysis, and readings in Module 1. Reflect back on the “burning question” that you came up with in your Research course. Begin to think about your vision for nursing, your vision for yourself in your current practice setting, your vision for yourself as an advanced practice nurse, and how you would utilize your strengths to purpose your vision.
o What areas repeatedly emerge as strengths? How can you use those to develop as a leader throughout your career? In what areas do you need to develop? What will you do to overcome those limitations and enhance your leadership potential?
• Using a Research Matrix Table adapted from one utilized in your Research course (Garrad, 2017), provide relevant criteria for each article reviewed or you can use the example below.

Literature review matrix