To complete this paper, you will identify a topic of your choice related to recreation and/or leisure. You will research the topic, explain it and then critically examine it utilizing knowledge presented in the course, the assigned textbook, and academic and non-academic resources. For this assignment you will need a minimum of 3 sources. These 3 sources must include at least 2 academic peer-reviewed journal articles and at least 1 non-academic source such as a website, newspaper article, youtube video etc.  (Hint – at the end of each chapter is a list of references. This is a good place to start to look for academic sources)

You will be graded on your understanding of the information presented and your ability to link this information to the concepts of recreation and leisure, the various socio-cultural issues and/or various topics presented in the course and/or the textbook.

You are free to choose your topic.  Popular topics in the past have included but are certainly not limited to

  • Therapeutic leisure and recreation services and programs for Canada’s aging population
  • Leisure experiences related to youth, new Canadians or minority populations
  • The ways funding affects national/provincial programs related to recreation services or sport programs
  • Volunteerism and its role in the provision of recreation and leisure services in Canada
  • Sport development versus sportfor development in Canadian and/or International contexts
  • Issues in tourism and sustainable tourism; food tourism, adventure tourism, eco-tourism.

The following is a list of journals available online through the University of Manitoba library.  (You do not have to draw your articles from these journals, however, they are a good place to start your research)

  1. Leisure/Loisir
  2. Leisure Sciences
  3. Leisure Studies
  4. Journal of Leisure Research
  5. Annals of Leisure Research
  6. Therapeutic Recreation Journal
  7. Annals of Tourism Research
  8. Sport in Society
  9. Sociology of Sport Journal
  10. Leisure and Society/Loisir et Société
Leisure Research Paper