1. Research the regulatory authority for real estate and briefly describe their role as it applies to real estate agency practice. Explain the requirements for licensing, registration and disciplinary action including the name of the government body who the regulatory body may call you to appear before for judgement. (Provide a link to where your information has been sourced.)
  2. Provide a definition of what statute law is and identify two (2) key statute laws which apply to a real estate practice. Briefly outline their relationship to the industry. (Include the link to the information you sourced as this can be useful for those undertaking the training session to conduct further research themselves).
  3. What consequences are there if an agent fails to be aware of current regulations and acts and how could this affect the consumer and the agent and agency
  4. Discuss the common interpretation problems which could occur when reviewing the legislation (refer to the Interpretation Act 1984) and suggest techniques and or rules which could be applied to alleviate this issue.
  5. Refer to the Australian Law Reform Commission website and create a flow chart which explains the process used when changes to real estate legislation and regulations are required.
  6. List and briefly outline two places in which you can source information regarding amendments to any real estate acts or regulations and discuss the methods you would implement to track any changes which occur to maintain currency in the industry.

Indicate how long this implementation will take and identify how you would meet completed demands with this schedule

  1. Provide an example of a legislative change which occurred in the real estate sector and how this change was addressed within the agency.
  2. Research and provide:
  • A brief outline of the Estate Agents (Professional Conduct) Regulations 2008 which real estate agents must adhere to in Victoria
  • List principles of the general conduct of Real Estate Agents and Agents representatives within the Real Estate Agents (Professional Conduct) Regulations 2008 which apply both as an agency and as an individual working in the property services sector.
  • Explain the relationship between the Professional Conduct mentioned above and the legislative requirements.
  1. Based on the departments within City Surf listed below, and the City Surf Record Management Policy and Procedure outline in general terms, who is responsible for the management of associated legislative records and the agency process which is required to manage all records, maintain documents and meet compliance requirements.
    • Property Management
    • Property Sales
    • Agency Administration
  2. Identify the sites which explain the following legislations which impact the operations within an estate agency and the purpose of each legislation.
    • Anti- discrimination and equal opportunities
    • Consumer protection
    • Industrial relations
    • Environment and sustainability
    • WHS
    • Privacy
    • Leases