My topic for my research activity is insulin cost and the need for it to be part of insurance coverage. The two states I will be comparing is South Dakota and Georgia.

Choose a legal-ethical dilemma that perhaps you have seen in practice or heard about on the news. For your two states, I recommend your home state and then any other state of your choosing.

Part B is the actual search.

Please note: After diligent searching if you are unable to find a specific statute, administrative code, or state law, OR are unable to relate any statute, administrative code, or state law to your selected topic, then indicate that in your list by writing N/A. Keep in mind that law is not always succinct.

Legal Citations: I have provided you examples to help with citing legal state laws, regulations, and administrative codes following APA format. While this particular assignment does not need to follow APA format as far written in paper form, it is an expectation that your citations and reference page are in APA format.

To clarify, this particular activity does NOT need be fully written in APA format. However, the citations and a reference page ARE required to be written in APA format. This is so you have a chance to practice APA formatted legal citations and references of statutes and laws.

Legal Research Activity