I would be grateful if you could write the discussion chapter as well as the conclusion and recommendations. To help you I have summarised below what is required in terms of content:
1/ Discussion: presents detailed consideration of the findings and analyses, in the context of methodology, the relevant literature and an assessment of the findings in relation to informing the existing knowledge base or professional practice. As such, this chapter should include a discussion of the results in terms of the existing knowledge in the area and the extent to which the results can be accepted should be stated. Features of the research process which could have influenced the results should be discussed. For example: sample sizes, validity and reliability of tests, practicality of tests. There should evidence of self-critical appraisal of your project which will be used to inform suggestions for modification for future studies.
– implications of the research for clinical practice should be included where this is appropriate. Limitations of the work should not simply be listed, but should be discussed as to the impact they may have had on the results and the conclusions that can be made. To ensure that the above areas have been adequately covered in your Discussion chapter, you may find it useful to use the following headings:
– evaluation of results in relation to existing knowledge base
– limitations of the study
– future research
– clinical or public health implications.

2. Conclusions: this should be a brief resume of the key features of the research, aim and objectives, research process, findings key issues discussed and the conclusions reached.

3/ Recommendations: may be proposed, for example, further research or changes in professional practice or policy. This section should not exceed one side of A4.

Knowledge, Perceptions, Attitudes towards Dietary Goals and Actual Dietary Intakes of Rugby Athletes in the UK