(a) TOPIC: knowledge and practice on infection control among undergraduate nursing students in Nottingham University, United kingdom.
(b) PURPOSE OF THE RESEARCH: Explain and justify why this research needs to be conducted with literature’s.

*literature Review (leading to the gap in knowledge)
*Research Question
*methodology: -Aims of the research
-Objectives of the research.
-Hypotheses ( justify with literature’s )
-Epistemology (justify with literature’s)
– Study design ( cross sectional descriptive design) justify this design with literature’s
– Study settings
-Inclusion and Exclusion criteria (justify with literature’s)
-Sampling approach ( probability simple random technique) justify this approach with literature’s
-Sample size (justify with literature’s)
-Recruitment ( justify this with literature’s)
-Data collection (Online data collection) justify this method of collection with literature’s)
-Data analysis ( justify this with literature’s)
-Validity and Reliability (justify this with literature’s)
*Research Outcome

Knowledge and Practice on infection control among undergraduate nursing student in Nottingham University. United kingdom