This unit has been designed for students to develop an understanding of how justice is achieved through appropriate and effective punishments being applied, including accredited rehabilitation programmes. Students will explore topics, including the different types of justice, the aims and purpose of sentencing, the range of sentencing options available, and the use of sentencing guidelines and rehabilitation programmes that are available for the treatment of offenders. The effectiveness of justice and punishment will also be assessed through the exploration of current key issues.

Write an essay where you:
• Investigate types and principles of justice while assessing them based upon a case study of your choice.
• Explore and apply the aims of sentencing, as well as the decision-making process by comparing the different sentences that could apply based upon your case scenario.
• Identify the rehabilitation options for your chosen case study by analysing a range of accredited programmes which would be the most effective in this case.
• Critically evaluate if the applied sentence reflects if justice is achieved.
• Explore how public services responds to current issues on effective sentencing and rehabilitation by analysing its change from the past to current issues.
• Evaluating the effectiveness of the public services or not.

Justice Punishment and Rehabilitation – An evaluation of effectiveness on current principles of justice, sentencing and rehabilitation