You have seen that graphs and tables can reveal information about a real-life situation.
Today, you will create stories and graphs and justify that they represent the same
Part 1:
Every morning, Gabriela
walks along a straight street
from her home to a bus stop,
a distance of 160 meters.
This graph shows her journey
on one particular day.
What does the y-intercept
tell you about Gabriela’s
What does it mean when the line
changes direction at
!=50? What
does it mean whenit changes
direction at
How fast is Gabriela walking in each section of the graph?

Interval: ____________________
Interval: ____________________
Speed: ___________________
Speed: ___________________

Are her speeds possible? Why or why not?
Would it make sense for the domain of the graph to include negative values of x? Why
or why not?

Adapted from Shell Centre, Interpreting Distance-Time Graphs
Use your answers about the graph to write a story describing what may have happened on
Gabriela’s walk to the bus stop. Include specific details about time, distance, and speed.

Journey to the Bus Stop