Part One:

Directions:  Please answer the following questions clearly and thoroughly. 

  1. Where do you most frequently see advertisements?  On the television?  Computer?  Magazines?  Billboards?
  2. What types of advertisements stick in your head?
  3. What makes these advertisements so memorable?
  4. What effect do you think advertisements have on your interests, habits or behavior?

Directions:  Choose six advertisements:  2 Print ads (Magazine), 2 Television commercials, and 2 Internet-based advertisements.  Determine how each one of the ads uses pathos, logos, ethos, persuasive language (this could be strong adjectives or verbs), or other strategies you see. Not every ad will use all of the strategies listed below, but I would like you to examine the ad carefully before writing “None.”  Each ad you have selected should include at least one of the strategies.

Product Name Pathos Logos Ethos Language Other Strategies
Product One:


Product Two:


Product Three:


Product Four:


Product Five:


Product Six:




Do not simply check the box.  Instead, provide some evidence that explains the strategy you noticed in the ad.  If you see the advertiser using language, list the language you see as being most persuasive.  If you believe you see logos in the ad, make sure you explain how the ad uses this strategy.


Journalism, Media Studies and Communication