I am going to do a training presentation for my job position advancement to becoming a trainer. I have no time to complete this assignment as I work 10 hour shifts all week, with the exception that I have this presentation I have to do as a part of my job.

In the file that are titled Job Breakdown Sheet Doc, please fill in the column boxes numbered 10.1 thru 10.5 for the titles: Advancing Steps (What), Key Points (How), and Reasons (Why); using the 2nd document uploaded titled: MQI Tie Shoe docx.
In the MQI Tie Shoe file, each of the columns have a more standard operational procedure(SOP) instruction that not all trainees will understand.

Please, complete the assignment using the Job Breakdown Sheet inside the columns only providing at least 1-3 sentences per box in each step process .
If smaller fonts are needed to fit the information into the boxes, please make those needed adjustments.

Please return the completed assignment files in the format sent to you( MSW and PDF).

Job Breakdown Sheet