Is Extreme Parenting Effective? Possibilities: yes or no. Your answer and reasons become your thesis and main points.

We begin with the primary source Amy Chua who talks about driving her two girls to excellence. The secondary sources are all the articles written in response to Chua, some for, most against.

Minimum of Chua’s article and two articles from the secondary sources in your Reading Assignments: Carey, Brooks, Kolbert, and Cha. The source may not speak specifically on your main point, but you may find valuable information, examples, or statistics.

Minimum of 650 words. Try not to go more than 100-200 words over the minimum.

Generate ideas. Post to Discussion.

Organize ideas that you generated in Discussion on Pro-Con Sheet. Submit to Dropbox

Outline ideas. Submit to Dropbox.

Write rough draft.

Read articles and highlight/note points, examples, and statistics that are relevant to your essay.

Use mixture of summary, paraphrase, and quotation to integrate your sources.

Submit Body I to Dropbox.

Format your Works Cited page based upon your sources: LBH chap. 46.2, model 27, 9c, or 11c.

Revise and e

Is extreme parenting effective?