You will select three works of literature—one play, one short story, and one poem—from your textbook. You will also select one of the critical approaches discussed in your book’s section “Critical Strategies for Reading.” Then, you will write an essay that analyzes and interprets the works you’ve chosen through the lens of the critical approach you’ve chosen.

1. I have selected for my play to be Antigone.
2. I have selected for my short story to be “Barn Burning” by William Faulkner’s.
3. I have selected for my poem to be The Facebook Sonnet.
4. Critical Strategies for Reading section you can pick one of the critical approaches.

I will be add the links to watch the three plays for the Antigone.

Here is link to three different plays for Antigone

1.The Barn Burning uploaded as page 403 through page 417

2. The Facebook Sonnet uploaded as The Facebook Sonnet

3. The Critical Strategies for Reading uploaded as page 1642 through page 1662

The sixth page can be the work citation page. I need the paper to at least be 5 page long.

Also, I can’t stress how important that this paper be correctly site from the primary source and NO PLAGIARISM at ALL please. This my core assessment that is worth 300 points. I will be uploading a lot picture of the from the book for the short story and the poem from The Bedford Introduction to Literature 11th edition Author Michael Meyer.

Introduction to Literature EN201 Final exam paper