The remaining five questions will be used for the introduction and conclusion purposes to create and maintain rapport with the leader. The question will be open-ended to get the real scenario and explanations from the managers.

  1. What do you like most about managing your employees to promote organizational goals?
  2. Kindly inform of the most difficult team you have ever lead in your leadership moment, why they were difficult to deal with, and how you cope?
  3. Have you ever disagreed with the customers or colleagues? What happened, and how did you solve the situation?
  4. Tell me about the situation where you failed to agree with your boss. How did you resolve the situation?
  5. Besides the tasks described in your job description, tell me about the moment you accomplished a task you had never done before? How did you accomplish it? Were you successful?
  6. Have you ever think outside the box to get the task completed or get the organizational goal achieved? Please elaborate.
  7. How do you persuade people to accomplish the task you target?
  8. What is the decision-making process in your version? Do you have the most difficult decision you have made recently? How did you come to that decision?
  9. How do you track the performance of your employees? When was the last time you were disappointed in the employee’s performance, and what did you do?
  10. Do you prefer taking risks?

It is worth noting that some of the posted questions have more than one section. Therefore, the response to the first question determines the possibility of asking the proceeding subsection. The respondent will spend at most 4 minutes to respond to a single question to maintain time consciousness.




Interviews with Leaders