Interview a family friend who has experienced some sort of illness or

disability, or is currently experiencing illness or disability. You can conduct the interview

remotely using a video platform.

  • Write occupational profile and interview reflection, including but not limited to, the

following items (it will be helpful to review your first OT475 class for this assignment):

o “Client” information (initials, age=35, other (height/weight/race if available). Maintain

client confidentiality and HIPAA: no identifying information

o Medical summary: current or previous diagnosis (Brachial plexus injury at childbirth causing Erb’s palsey of the left arm causing weakness on left arm ) reason for seeking healthcare, HPI

(or history of the illness they are discussing if it was in the past), PMH (all other

diagnoses client has), and whatever therapies (OT, PT, ST etc.) they receive/have

received, current or previous level of pain, current or previous medications, any

precautions (e.g. cardiac, hip, skin, respiratory)

o Occupational Profile: include prior level of function/assistance (ADL & IADL,

caregiver assistance); roles (you may need to infer these rather than directly asking the

person you interview: non OT’s don’t always think in these terms); social history

(living situation – alone/with whom; type of housing; accessibility – steps, elevator,

building entrance etc.); social/community supports (relatives, friends, spouse, others

involved; other social support; participation in religious or other community

organizations); work/leisure history and interests (jobs held, highest level of education;

hobbies/interests). (Client holds an Associate’s degree in Business Management and works in a bank)

o Findings: location and setting of interview (if via video, where were you? Where

was the “client”); summary of “client” goals, values, beliefs, and occupational needs;

your observations during interview (verbal/non-verbal communication; appearance, etc.)

o interview reflection: Reflect on your interview skills. For example: what did you

do well? What needs improvement? How did the person you interviewed respond? What

strategies did you use to engage them? How did you prepare for the interview? What

was the impact on the use of video technology (if you used video)? If you were face to

face, what sort of an environment would you prefer for this interview? Any other

reflections not listed here

  • In professional, not personal language (except for self-reflection); keep it concise and

what you observe or the “client” reports.

  • No more than 2 pages, APA style.
Interview on a friend having a brachial plexus injury