Part A – A timeline of the events relating to your event. . Your timeline must include 10 events that happened within the United States and your country.
A short description of each event must include the specific date, the location of the event, and the outcome.

Part B – 200 word summary of ONE event from your timeline. The summary must contain information about the 5Ws. (who, when, where, what, why or how)

Part C – 200 word summary explaining a media source relating to ONE event from your timeline. The media source can be a political cartoon, a photo, a news story/article. The summary must contain information about the media source (What is it, who created it, when was it published, and what is the meaning and link with the intervention in question).

Part D – 100 word biography of THREE personalities (so 3 bibliographies total, ie 300 words) implicated in events from your timeline. The biography of each person must contain information about their background, their link to the intervention. One of the biographies needs to be someone from the US side of the conflict the other two should be the leaders of the country or military of the country in question.

Intervention in Haiti project (1994-1995)