1. Analyse the changing nature of how international relations has been conceived as an academic enterprise
  2. Assess key issues in the controviersies in thinking about the scientific study of international relations
  3. Evaluate the relationship between ontology, epistemology and methodology
  4. Assess the relationship between theory and practice in the academic study of international relations
  5. Read critically the literature on the study of international relations and its methodologies
  6. Demonstrate advanced knowledge and understanding of a particular approach to knowledge creation (and its ontological, epistemological and methodological proclivities)
  7. Manage workloads effectively and set personal goals
  8. Demonstrate the skills of reflective, independent learning (the academic virtues)
  9. Communicate arguments orally, via online discussion forums and on paper
  10. Develop research skills with information technology
  11. Demonstrate a critical understanding of how the academic study of International Relations is in part a reflection of dominant cultural understandings of the world





International Relations