Write the following research essay:

Identify a major recent case of corporate misconduct (in the UK or US) characterised by relevant corporate governance failures. Critically analyse the scandal examining the reasons behind its occurrence, the corporate and governmental responses, the most relevant legal issues posed. Finally, propose corporate governance solutions to avoid a similar corporate misconduct to happen again.
In writing the essay the rules below should be followed:
– A single major corporate governance scandal has to be identified, which happened in the UK or US from 2010 onwards. The scandal may have an international significance.
– Minimise the description of the case and keep it brief, focusing on the aspects from which the most relevant legal issues arise.
– Do not spend words illustrating the general legal framework or general corporate governance principles, only focus on the corporate governance aspects that are specifically related to the case.
– Use OSCOLA as reference system unless differently discusses with and approved by the module leader.
– Include a final bibliography.

This assignment is designed to assess learning outcomes:
• Demonstrate a critical understanding of the nature of corporations and the way they are governed.
• Critically analyse and evaluate the principal current corporate governance debates.
• Critically evaluate the commercial, economic and political drivers for corporate/managerial accountability and therefore governance.
• Manipulate the various corporate law theories and demonstrate a sound knowledge of the various laws and Codes in this context.
Criteria for Assessment
The marking criteria that will be applied will be the following ones:
– Readability (quality of the language used, clearness and understability);
– Organisation (structure of the essay, order of descriptive and evidential material, coherence and fluency of the work);
– Content and Knowledge (coverance and understanding of the issues at stake; reflecting on the past and its interpretation; consideration of available evidence; identification and analysis of all the most relevant legal issues; adoption of an original approach or ideas; inclusion of recommendantions and solutions);
– Research (range of research; quality of the scientific sources used and of the data and information gathered; way in which references are included).

International Corporate Governance Law