• You are expected to demonstrate an understanding of the principles and practice of nursing patients with long term conditions or life-shortening illness.
• This assessment requires patient care, and analysis of the effectiveness of integrated care, for a patient with a long-term condition or life-shortening illness.

Integrated care Learning Outcome 1

Learning Outcome 1:

• People with long-term and life-limiting illness in the past have experienced fragmented care when care should be organised around their needs. Define integrated care. Discuss how integrated care benefitted or hindered your patient care. Older people and those with long-term conditions, care is too often.

• What integrated care is?
• How do you know that?
• Is there different in opinions?
– One said one thing, another said something else.
• Are there different ways of looking at integrated care?
– Is it cost-effective?
– Is not cost-effective?
• How does it work in hospital/ community settings?
– What does go well or Did not work well?
It has to be linked to:
– NHS plan
– Government strategies
– Integrated care pathways
Who could be involved in patient care, for example:
– Dietician
– Speech-language therapist
– Rehabilitation team
– GP (General Practitioner)
– District Nurses
– HCA (healthcare assistants)
– Consider the psychological and sociological impact of the long-term condition/ life-shortening illness on the patient, family /carers.

– Critique relevant health policy and drivers and integration of services.

• How MDT (multidisciplinary team) work together, how they help patients to move forward to their discharge from the hospital or community care,
• Critically evaluate the role of the adult nurse, within the inter-professional team, in delivering, managing and directing.

• Critically deconstruct the relationship between physical and mental health well-being and the importance of integrated care in supporting service users to manage their health needs.

1. This essay can be written in the First Person or Passive
2. An appropriate font should be used, i.e. Times New Roman, Ariel or Comic Sans.
3. The font size should be no less than size 11.
4. The essay utilises 1.5 or 2 line spacing.
5. Justify the text


Identify and use a wide range of sources of information from current books or professional journals, i.e. Nursing Standard, Professional Nurse, British Journal of Nursing to support your work, NOT WEBSITES such as Wikipedia or newspapers. British literature preferably to use.

• The Harvard system of referencing must be used according to the School’s guidelines on citation and referencing.

Integrated care