Case study 1
Marc is a 21-year-old male in the final year of his University studies. A friend of his called
the mental health crisis team as they were concerned about Marc’s mental health as well as
his behaviours. Over the last few days, he has withdrawn from social interaction with his
friends appearing suspicious of his friend’s motives. He believes they want to steal his
ideas for his final year project and that they are trying to hack into his computer to attain
details of his proposal. Marc has become extremely anxious, finding it difficult to
concentrate and when talking he doesn’t seem to be able to speak a coherent sentence.
The situation seems to have worsened over the last 24 hours with friends’ who are house
sharing with him noticing him rambling at times, upset and banging his head against the
wall. His friends have tried to talk to him, but he says he wants to end it all.
Based on the above case study, apply your knowledge acquired on the module to identify
the potential diagnoses, aetiologies and possible treatment options for GB. In your answer
you should critically evaluate treatment options (strengths and limitations) and critically
evaluate diagnostic methods and aetiologies. You need to use research literature to support
your answer.

Case study 2
Jessica is a hard-working individual who always prides herself on her professionalism. In her
previous roles she has worked alone, in a market research role, which she has done well. She
now wants to take the next step in her career and move into a more externally focused role as a
brand ambassador for the company she is working for. This would involve talking to potential
customers as well as promoting the products of the company. Jessica has just completed the
short version of the Big 5 personality test which shows she scores high on introversion, high on
conscientiousness, high on openness to experience, and high on agreeableness. Whilst the next
step is daunting, Jessica is determined to succeed.
Based on the above case study scenario, Discuss the reliability and validity of the Big 5
Personality test. In your answer, you should critically evaluate (strengths, limitations, ethical
considerations) the big 5 personality test in relation to the case study scenario using research to
support your answer, you should also consider other variations of the big 5 test and their
applicability to various settings in your answer.

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