I am applying for jewellery design MA studies. have attached my project proposal draft as a separate file. Below is the brief from the university for the proposal.


Indicative Project Proposal
We expect a project proposal to be 500 to 800 words long in total. The sections ‘Resources’, ‘Bibliography’ and ‘Appendix’ are in addition to this word count. (Note: I will add these sections myself)

Your Background

Using bullet points, state professional qualifications, skills, experiences, abilities and prior practice that are relevant to your proposal.
Outline Proposal

Describe your precise area of interest and research/study you wish to undertake demonstrating your contextual knowledge
Describe the core of your project in three to four sentences
Outline the context in which your project operates answering questions such as: Why is your project relevant? Who might be its audience(s)?

Refer to specific areas, critical ideas and precedents, which underpin and frame your proposal
This section invites you to extend the description of your project focusing on specific areas. Particularly important is your evaluation of precedents and how you position your project in relationship to these.

Outline the sequence of practical, of theoretical and of visual research that you intend to follow
This section requires you to be specific about how you plan to conduct your project and where particular challenges might lie.

Evaluate your work to date. Which conclusions are you are able to draw?
Where do you think the strengths of your work lie and where are areas you might improve?

Indicative Project Proposal