Think back to the stereotypes your group decided to use in your final project in Step 2.

  1. b)Each group member is responsible for finding TWO **short** (under 5 minutes each) media clips in the voice of REAL microculture members (NOT ACTORS!) speaking about their life experiences as a result of being labeled with the stereotypes you covered in Step 2. These will come in the form of TED Talks, blog posts, interviews, documentaries, etc. If the video is longer, you can post it but direct us to the section we should watch. For example: Please watch 12:04 – 14:36.
  2. c)Provide a brief SUMMARYof the messages that you took away from these personal stories.
  3. d)As a group, decide which ones are the most interesting and pick TWO that you will feature in your presentation. Make sure they connect to the media stereotypes you uncovered in step 2

What you have done so far is anecdotal evidence. Now it’s time to RESEARCH how this group is typically represented in the media. Consider the following questions to guide your search:

  • Is the group under- or over-represented in the media according to numbers?
  • Are group members accurately represented in the media? Explain.
  • What are the implications of this representation? In more specific terms, how might media representation affect the way microculture members are treated/thought of? How might it affect microculture’s self-concept, communication, and/or behavior?
In Their shoes steps 3 & 4