I want to provide some details on the referenced order number in the subject line.

First of all I am not fixed on the title. I want it to be around containerisation and the impact this has had on global trade through reducing transport cost or perhaps how ports have been integrated into a greater supply change. Ideally it would be good to look at how containers have been utilised in emerging markets. For instance China and surrounding countries are massive exporters and this has been a driver for their growth which in part is thanks to the container.

I am open to changes in direction as long as it is consistent with the idea containerisation and its impact on world trade or globalisation etc

I’m looking for a piece of work which sits around a high 2:2 – low 2:1 mark and follows a standard format of Introduction (background if necessary), literature review, data, results/discussion and conclusion.

I want to avoid the use of complex econometrics – if it’s possible. Perhaps a use simple time-series data to show a correlation or pattern. Or a simple regression model is relevant data can be used to input this.

Impact of containerisation on world-trade