Chapter 1: Avoid wasting words on to a general description of copyright infringement but just focus on those areas relevant to the topic – this would focus on the provisions within copyright law relevant to the area.

Chapter 2: A discussion as to whether there can be an appeal to higher fundamental rights or constitutional rights external to specific copyright infringement rules to justify overriding these individual property rights e.g. EU Charter of Fundamental Rights, Article 10 ECHR and 1st Amendment of US Constitution.

Chapter 3: CJEU case law relevant to hyperlinking (also this chapter should definitely include the cases: 1) Svensson, 2) BestWater, and 3) GS Media)

Chapter 4: US case law relevant to hyperlinking

Chapter 5; Highlighting if any exist comparative differences between EU and US law (can use cross-referencing footnotes to refer back to analysis in Chs 3 & 4, therefore, there is no need to go through whole cases again). Conclusions and suggestions for changes in approach or reform of the law to clarify what might feel are current deficiencies in the legal regime relating to hyperlinking.

Hyperlinking and Copyright Infringement