Part 1

Answer the underlined prompt below using articles from the Society of Human Resource Management and/or EBSCOhost. You must use and cite one article to support your claim. Copy and paste the hyperlink at the end of your post.

Place one of the following in the subject line: Employee Development, Employee Recruiting, Employee Retention, Employee Selection, or Employee Training (this will the topic of your discussion post).

  1. Create your own post
    2. Place your topic in the subject field
    3. In 150 – 200 words, answer the prompt: How has COVID-19 affected, limited, or restructured employee development, employee recruiting, employee retention, employee selection, or employee training? Pick one of the five areas to discuss. Please do not to exceed 300 words.

Part 2

  1. Reply to one classmate’s post using a minimum of four sentences.

Note to writer..( There are no classmate’s post as of yet, so you will not be able to work on Part 2 until I email you the topic to respond with the required four sentences

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