You are required to deliver a presentation that explains the following areas:
• The structures and functions of the digestive system.
• The processes of mechanical and chemical digestion including the optimum conditions for the enzymes involved. You must discuss at least TWO specific named enzymes, for example, pepsin.
• The constituent food groups of a balanced diet and provide examples of their sources.

-You will video yourself presenting your powerpoint in the background, your presentation should be a maximum of 8 minutes in duration!

-Relevant theory must be referenced where appropriate and a references list provided. Your presentation should also contain appropriate diagrams to support your commentary. If these are taken from published sources they must be referenced accordingly.

-A tried and tested method of structuring a presentation can be summarised as:
Tell them what you are going to tell them (introduction)
Tell them (communicate the key points)
Tell them what you have told them (summary)

-When using any form of visual aid to support your presentation remember the following:
Large blocks of text presented in CAPITAL LETTERS are hard to read
Limit the number of words on a slide/flipchart – the visual aids should be used to emphasize the point not spell out the message word for word
Strange fonts, animations and sound effects are distracting – use a simple design that you know well and which matches your content
Visual aids should be used to support the message you are giving, not be the message itself
Do not include so many slides that your audience lose interest – you should work on an average of one slide for an average of two minutes of talking. Therefore a 10 minute presentation should have around 8 slides in total – 1 introductory slide, 1 conclusion/summary slide, and 4-5 slides relating to your content. A 5 minute presentation should have around 4 slides in total – 1 introductory slide, 1 conclusion/summary slide, and 2 slides relating to your content
Ensure that you check your visual aids for spelling and grammatical errors
Use up to 7 lines of text per PowerPoint slide – the only exception to this should be when you are providing instructions
Use bullet points and spaces

Human Nutrition And The Digestive System