HR Consulting company with corporate headquarters located in Austin, TX with satellite offices located in New York, NY, Chicago, IL, and Seattle, WA.  The organization has 50 employees that span across the company 4 employees in finance, 20 in the consulting team, 4 employees in customer service, human resources, 4 employees in the information technology team, and 4 sales and 4 marketing.  The structure of the HR department consists of the following staff: 4 HR Managers (working manager responsible for performance management, employee relations and training and development); 4 HR Generalists (responsible for new hire onboarding, HRIS entries, benefits administration, classification and compensation); 4 Recruiters (responsible for talent management, staffing, and technical recruiting).


  1. Your Job is to research How the Human Resources Information System will support the HR department with the following specifications and features:
    1. Automation of HR Administrative processes,
    2. Compensation Administration and Benefits Processing module
    3. Performance Management processing module
    4. Training and Development Administration module
    5. Applicant Tracking module
    6. Payroll Processing with an HR integration interface, time and attendance module, along with a custom and standard reporting system.
  2. How can a Human Resources Information System can assist managers with improving the efficiency of HR administration on the following tasks :
  • Reduce cost
  • Enhancing the reliability or reporting
  • Improving service to employees, and managers?
  • Facilitating strategic goal achievement
  1. How a Human Resources Information System can assist the HR Generalist with HRM functions as :
  • Recruiting and Selection
  • Training and Development
  • Performance Management, Compensation, Benefits, and Payroll.HR Metrics and Workforce Analytics
  • HR Metrics and Workforce Analytics
  • HR Privacy and Security
  • HRIS and social media

3.      Advantages of Self-Service Portals for HR Administration

  1. Manager self-service (MSS) and HRIS
  2. Shared-service center (SSC)
  3. Legal Compliance and HR Administration
  4. Discuss how the use of computer applications in an HRIS support:
  5. The components of talent management as well as their use in setting performance goals, and Evaluating job performance
  6. Job analysis and job descriptions to talent manager program.