Write a six pages paper about how electrical engineers write in their field. Here are the instruction.
For each and every career field, you’ll find some sort of trade magazine, academic journal, or popular “newsstand” magazine that brings you the latest developments, breakthroughs, and ideas in that discipline. The best of these are what we call “peer-reviewed” journals, in which scholars and professionals in whatever field the journal covers are assigned to review all of the essays that are being considered for publication. In this way, the editors can then be certain the essay meets the professional standards set by that field of study. These reviewers also make sure the language and style are appropriate for the journal’s audience.
For this paper, you will find three articles published in three separate journals – peer-reviewed academic journals, professional trade magazines, and popular magazines – which cover your chosen career field within the last three years. Your goal is to find connections between the three articles that show how professionals in this area communicate, and try to explain why they write this way. What type of citation method do they use? How heavy is the jargon? How do they argue? How do they present information? There are many areas you can consider, more than these I’ve named, but it all adds up to developing a thesis that best describes writing in your career.
This will require a summary of each article in addition to the discussion about overall techniques. In these summaries we would like to see how the articles are similar, how they are different, and what you think each one adds to your field of study.
The paper should be at least 6 pages (typed, double-spaced, 12 pt standard font) plus the work cited page, formatted as required by your citation style. And as usual, we will want to see proper in-text citations for quotes and paraphrased information. Your only sources for this paper should be the three articles you find.

How electrical engineers write in their professional field