You are required to produce a 2000 word individual essay on the above title, the subject is Humanitarian Action and peace building, the module is culture-sensitivity in conflict and post conflict settings. This must be a well referenced paper, within the framework of the humanitarian and development industry as developed by the UN/ICRC and the international Non-governmental organisations, such as Oxfam, Save the children etc. it must reflect recent promises made to the national NGO’s including the Grand Bargin promise of 2016.

It must also reflect how the Western world (especially donors) and northern hemisphere organisations dominate the industry and set the policy and agenda, whilst paying lip service to the national organisations in the countries they work in. This in turn has seen some net receiving countries of aid, i.e. Pakistan, Ethiopia, Bangladesh, Indonesia and others set rules and limits on how INGO’s operate in the country and who can be employed (limiting international staff and the positions they can hold).

How do we improve local participation and local capacities in humanitarian and peacebuilding action?