Devise an intervention to overcome identified common mechanisms of communicable diseases in a target population.
As a WHO representative advocate for steps to be taken to reduce the incidence of a communicable diseases in vulnerable population of the world. This intervention will be presented to all world leaders to emphasise a shared responsibility in minimizing disease. The intervention will be created using the RE-AIM model, with relevant aspects of the health models and vocabulary studied in Term 1 integrated where appropriate.

To complete this task the following steps need to be taken before completing the investigation:
• Explain the common mechanisms of communicable diseases, both historical and current.
• Identify the demographic of the most vulnerable population groups.
• Choose a specific disease and a target population for your proposed intervention.
• Choose a focus of the intervention from: Education; Health protocols & Sanitation; Housing; Employment; Birth Control; Decentralization of the workforce; Global Economic Management; National and International Aid Funding; Immigration and Refugee Policy; Food distribution.

This is an investigation and therefore requires the following sections:
• Introduction:
Introduce the whole investigation as a brief outline of what is contained in your report

• Background context:
Explain the context of the task based on the causes of disease, mechanisms of transmission, prevention and treatment of disease, and the demographic of the most vulnerable. (Refer to Act 2,3,6 to develop your paragraph)

• Investigation Focus: Outline of intervention
(Disease Options Act 9,10,11,12, or a communicable disease from the list in Act15)
The target group for this intervention will be

With regards to sanitation practices the following augmentation of current practices is recommended:
In this section you need to outline IN DETAIL the proposal integrating Ottawa Charter; Determinants of health and Salutogenic/pathogenic terminology where appropriate.

• Reach: How will the target population’s specific needs be ensured?
To ensure that … needs are met… X Y Z

• Effectiveness: How will the effectiveness of the intervention be measured?
Measuring the effectiveness of interventions is an important tool in ensuring appropriate health care provision. It is proposed that …

• Adopt: What organizational support will be required to plan and implement the intervention?
The successful implementation of this plan will depend on … X Y Z

• Implementation: How will consistency in the implementation phase be ensured?
The consistency in the implementation phase will be assured by … X Y Z

• Maintenance: How will the intervention be supported and maintained so it becomes permanent practice?
To ensure support and ongoing maintenance of the intervention the following is recommended. X Y Z

• Summary: A succinct overview of the intervention

HIV/AIDs in African countries