Assessment Description.

The purpose of this individual assessment is to foster students’ capacity to utilise a systems-thinking approach to develop an understanding of the Australian health care systems, and its ability to provide care and prevent illness. Students will develop critical thinking skills to debate the ethical issues that can arise in the management of health care systems. They will utilise these skills to develop plans and recommendations to create ways for systems and management challenges to be resolved. In addition, they will create an inventory of resource requirements that apply to a variety of healthcare settings, with a focus on vulnerable populations.

Assessment Instructions

This assessment requires students to participate in a weekly online discussion forum via actively. Weekly participation, in this case, is indicated by:
The posting of a detailed response to the weekly set question. This response should be between 100 (minimum) to 300 (maximum) words in length and referenced appropriately.
At least one response to another student’s post (a minimum 100 words and up to, but not exceeding, 300 words). This response should refer to the issues and topics raised in the post and engage the student in debate/discussion.

Healthcare Systems- COVID 19 Ethical Issues