• Direct to consumer (DTC)

Identify several DTC ads for pharmaceutical drugs, are the depictions in these ads realistic? Fair? Culturally inclusive? What are the advantages and disadvantages of these ads? Do you advantages outweigh the disadvantages?


  • Pathologizng the human body

In what ways do some advertisers pathologize the human body? In what ways do music videos dehumanize women? What are the health implications of each?

Bottom of Form

  • Happy violence

What did Gerbner mean by the term happy violence? Can you give some examples from your own media experience?


  • Managing panic

What advice would you give crisis communicators who are worried about creating panic? For those that are worried that too many warnings will make people indifferent when true emergencies arise?


  • Risk management/communication framework

Describe the risk management/communication framework that Ratlan and Metzler present in the chapter


  • CDC and media

Describe how the CDC and the media handled a recent health crisis (Zika, Ebola, COVID-19). From there discuss lessons learned from the information dissemination.



Health Science