Demonstrate an understanding of the aims and principles of health promotion, protection and improvement and the prevention of ill health when engaging with people across the lifespan.

Define the social determinants of health and inequalities in health.

Compare patterns of morbidity, behavioural risk factors and health and wellbeing outcomes across the lifespan

Apply this knowledge to create a health profile of the community.

Use of own observations, and through examining epidemiological and demographic data to provide explanations for their health and wellbeing status.

Provide commentary in the profile as to explanations of factors that may have impacted on the community across the lifespan. These include a discussion of determinants of health, behavioural risk factors and how inequalities in health are important influences on health.

The sorts of data use to support your discussion :
• Epidemiological data on patterns of morbidity
• national and local health reports
• Information from government and non- governmental organisations
• Articles from journals and newspapers
Conclude profile by identifying the priority areas for health promotion interventions which will prevent, protect, promote and improve the health of the community

References no older than 5 years and all with online access.

Health Profile Of Slough, Berkshire